Bill Toth's MORNING MOMENTS offers daily inspirations designed to engage you in taking small steps forward in defining the direction of your life.  - John Gray , Author, Men are from Mars--Women are from Venus

Bill is a genius at making the familiar powerful. Words are your thoughts that you give sound to. - Kurek Ashley   President, Success International & author, Fire Up your life

Some days the support of Bill's words makes the difference in whether I am the possibility I have declared myself to be or not. - Mary Benson Dream Weaver, Nidus Weavers Company

I have decided you are my angel. You are guiding me through your prose. - Linda Duffy

I find these words most insightful and inspiring. It always seems that they speak to me directly in ways that other words cannot. - Mary Kay Hewett

The last two days' poems struck me hard between the eyes. It's like Bill is inside my head describing what I'm seeing and feeling. - Mike Leahy

A fascinating collaboration of words! It takes one on a wonderful roller coaster ride that is flowing and peaceful and gentle. The words combine into thoughts and fill one's mind with wonder. - Pepper Pierson

Bill is such a great soul, and his words mean so much to me and the life I am constantly creating! - AnaMarie Whalen

I imagine that Bill is my own personal poet/muse and that God has sent him to encourage, inspire, and 'Re-member' me! - Iris

Bill's reflections uplift and challenge me. I look forward to reading them. I apply their meanings to my own life, thus living with intention. - Karen Roaeder

I find myself getting up each day looking forward to what Bill has given me. I find great joy in his verses as they compel me to grow and think much better thoughts. - Bob Goodner

You seem to write these with the exact content that I need at the time.  It is really amazing that they are so in tune!  -Cathy Fogliano

I love the focus your prose gives me each morning.  - Joy Hughes

Dr. Bill's Vision is a blessing to so many of us.  I'm so glad to have been captured in his circle of Vision. - Denise Burleigh

What a succinct way to put such important messages. - Natalie

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